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Team Consulting

Need additional help with other parts of your business? KLCreative Media is part of a consulting collaborative called Virtually Sisters, LLC that currently offers technical assistance in the following areas:


  • Statistical analysis and strategy development for product pricing
  • Leakage analysis and strategy development for less waste
  • Workflow management
  • Customer service and rewards programs
  • Effective hiring and HR issues
  • Time management
  • Work/Life management


  • General marketing plan development
  • Content marketing (website, blog, expert status, social media development)
  • Email marketing
  • Distribution channel marketing (retail/wholesale/dealers/online)
  • Media development (press releases, public relations strategies)
  • Cause marketing
  • Developing marketing partnerships
  • Visual marketing strategies
  • Free marketing opportunities
  • Making the most of advertising

The VS technical assistance process is geared towards helping entrepreneurs zero in on existing resources, networks and opportunities already available in the business community, but also towards going deeper with each client than traditional business training classes or mentoring programs have the resources to accomplish.  The availability of “below the surface” technical assistance strengthens the entire business community by helping businesses arrive at a more personalized application of general business advice/training.

Each business that works with VS not only gets assistance with planning, strategy and execution—they get valuable team members that are able to dig in and get their hands dirty. This is a scalable business model for providing an additional level of affordable services currently unavailable in many communities. Incorporating “below the surface” business assistance programs into existing technical assistance programs can create a more viable and sustainable independent business network as a result.

Contact Sharon Kay for a free consultation, 703.505.9996,